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    Who we are

    Michael Chambers and Co. LLC is a full service Cyprus law firm offering a wide spectrum of expertise in an impressive variety of legal disciplines. Located at the heart of the commercial district of Limassol, the firm has enjoyed considerable success and developed an enviable reputation by pursuing a very simple goal - to give its clients unambiguous, concise and clear-cut legal advice [...]
  • Why Us?

    Our philosophy is simple: you give us the facts and we will give you the law, based upon which we will undertake your instructions in an efficient and cost effective manner[...]

  • Why Cyprus?

    An efficient and swift procedure makes it simple for international entities to take advantage of the numerous taxation and other benefits enjoyed by corporations across Cyprus through the incorporation of a Cyprus International Business Company. [...]

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  • The Leasing Law (72(I)/2016) entered into force on 28 April 2016. The purpose of this Law is to regulate and supervise the provision of financial 

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    Interim orders or injunctions are temporary court orders which oblige someone to act or not to act in a specific way. One of the primary 

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