Fikri Mülkiyet

At the heart of many businesses are the intellectual property rights upon which they are founded. Frequently the most precious commodity of a company will be its intellectual property and consequently ensuring that your business is sufficiently protected is imperative. Our team is able to assist clients by drawing up an intellectual property strategy which recognises the very important position that such assets hold in the success of their business and which will play a priority role in any businesses growth and development.

Our team is able to assist you in appreciating the intellectual property rights you possess and will help you to protect and defend these resources. We take a fresh approach to intellectual property providing clients with specialist advice which is focused, responsive and effective. We offer clients commercially astute, practical guidance in all fields of intellectual property and give a flexible, responsive service which remains industry focused and dedicated. We believe that litigation can be avoided in many intellectual property disputes but do not shy away from taking litigious action where unavoidable and will swiftly and effectively resolve any intellectual property issues faced by our clients.

Michael Chambers and Co. LLC, müşterilere şu konularda tavsiyelerde bulunabilir:

  • Telif hakkı;
  • Tasarımlar;
  • Patentler;
  • Ticari Markalar;
  • Bayılmak;
  • Uygulama konuları;
  • Marka koruması;
  • Geçici siparişlerin alınması;
  • Veri ve gizlilik;
  • Fikri Mülkiyet Davası;
  • Çapraz yetkili sorunlar;
  • Yeni işletmeler koruma başlatıyor.

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